Laden Evenementen

Insects are an important mean to upcycle agrifood side streams towards a value source for food. As Foodvalley NL we want to contribute to the transition towards a professional and scaled market for edible insects. Our objective? Insects as a totally accepted food concept on the plate of the consumer. We spoke to various partners in the supply chain, and we do see a great potential for an initiative with various parties in the supply chain who bundle efforts and ambitions. With this initiative, we work towards new collaborations that result in bringing new product and market concepts from edible insects successfully to the plate of the consumer in the Northwest Europe market.

We invite all partners who are working on the market for edible insects and especially various interested parties who are in the field of business to consumer to participate in the first workshop Thursday afternoon the 24th of November. The objective of this workshop is to explore the ideas about challenges and opportunities for exploring the potential of edible insects in the consumer market. After the workshop we will bring together and facilitate those parties who decide to take an active role in this initiative. Please save the date for the 24th of November if you are interested.

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