Insects can be used to convert waste streams into valuable protein for animal feed that may replace conventional soy and fishmeal that is currently used. The use of insects in feed can contribute to the Sustainable Development Goals formulated by the UN, such as achieving food security, improving health and well-being, sustainable production patterns and management of resources and climate action.

The Insectfeed program aims to
1.  Investigate insect production, especially focusing on insect health, insect welfare and the intrinsic value of       insects.
2.  Investigate insect-fed poultry health and welfare.
3. Conduct an economic analysis of the value chain development.

The output of the program will consist of

  • Scientific publications
  • Publications in journals for professionals
  • Advisory reports for different societal stakeholders, including politicians, regulators, investment organizations, retail and educational institutes
  • Outreach to the general public

InsectFeed – insects as sustainable feed for a circular economy